Zahra is servicing UAE customers as a systems integrator and security systems solutions provider since 1983. Workplace digitization is our specialty. As system integrators we are not brand specific rather we customize solutions based on customer needs and challenges. Zahra also does value engineering for our strategic and major customers.

  • Zahra enables diverse teams to collaborate and communicate from any device, any location and at any time. We equip teams for remote work environment. If you are looking to design your board room or meeting room than Zahra has required expertise and knowledge base to design your rooms into smart meeting rooms with state of the art and technologically advanced solutions from world leading brands. Whether its local team meetings, audio conferences or video communication, Zahra has solution to cater to needs of all verticals & departments. We provide best in class CCTV and access control system which can be integrated into existing setup. We provide customized solutions to address different needs of our customers.

What We Offer

Audio visual solutions

AV solutions bring life to meeting rooms and board rooms. Zahra provides state of the art and technologically advanced solutions that increase productivity

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Unified collaboration solution

The dynamic changes happening in workplace has changed the way corporates think and work today. It has become central to devise

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Smart Meeting Rooms

Research has shown that teams spend 15-20 minutes in setting up a meeting room for every meeting and there is 80% chance that a technical resource

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Security Systems

Zahra provides end to end security system solutions. Our solutions can be customized to individual customer needs to address specific requirements. We are SIRA certified.

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Our futuristic meeting rooms are equipped with screens and comfortable.

We build one of the advanced meeting rooms which can help you interact and discuss with each other smoothly.

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